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Monday, January 15, 2018

Jar of Hearts

While doing a little retail shopping I found this cute little jar to be too cute to pass up. It's from Lawn Fawn and comes with jelly beans but they also make some other adorable stamps and dies to go with it, like these conversation hearts, I couldn't resist.

And with new goodies in hand you know I had to go and play with them. Another simple card.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Simple V-Day card

As I was going through my Valentine's Day paper stash I noticed I had a lot of 12x12 pieces that I used for another project and seemed weird that I had all these scraps, so I cut them all down into 4.25 x 5.5 as this is my main card size.

I then decided they needed to be used, thus a simple die cut, a stamp, a cut little bow and bit of heart shaped bling and I had a card in under 5 minutes, hard to beat that.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Valentine's Day Project

It's been a bit busy at my house, we have managed to replace our kitchen flooring, I reorganized and decluttered my kitchen, fixed a ton of items that were broken and had been waiting to be repaired forever, replaced a broken window covering and now am in the beginning process of repainting my oak cabinets as well as repaint my kitchen. It was time for a refresh.

Being that I was busy and watching kids full time my creativity side took a back seat until this past weekend when I unleashed the beast as they say.

I had admired this adorable bauble tree by Paula Cheney using some Tim Holtz items and I pursued my objects elsewhere except for the paper pad because I was smitten with that one for sure. I found these no hole pearls that came in a mix of 3 sizes and used them as a substitute to Tim's baubles.

So after I realized I had zero time to peruse this project any longer as Christmas had come and gone I was thinking a lot about birthdays and of course Valentine's Day. I then thought perhaps I could use this bauble idea as a heart rather than a tree and then I sat down and tried my hand at it.

I diecut a piece of chipboard and used that as my template, I then followed Paula's instructions and cut strips which I curled a bit to help them bend, I fit one inside my heart cutout and trimed it to fit, then cut a second piece. I found taping the two ends together with some double sided tape worked so that they could then make the V shape and again at the top to create the inverted V. I then diecut another piece of chipboard so I could use it as a stencil for the modeling paste and used my other piece to hold my heart shaped strips, otherwise they wouldn't hold their shape.

Here are my 3 templates.

As you can see that heart shape looks nothing like the diecut, so I inserted it into a second diecut heart to fill my pearls into. I found taping the edges on both templates helped them to keep from moving.

I tried various inks but alas the only thing that stuck was indeed alcohol inks and I used what I had on hand which I quickly realized was not in the colors I envisioned. In fact, after a bunch of trial and error I realized just dye the pearls and adding only some micro pearl was ok anything else left a chunky look to the pearls.

I bought a frame at Joann's that I painted only to find out I painted the back side instead of the front, so I then painted the front but the painting was horrible so I sanded it a bit to give it the shabby chic factor.

I also used some Martha Stewart glitter instead of Tim Holtzs because one the white was too transparent and two I liked the vintage look of MS. I also poured on my glitter ensuring it covered the outline of the heart, in hindsight I almost wonder if you could spinkle the glitter on the heart then glue the baubles on one by one, perhaps too tedious but definitely more control of the placement overall. As you can see I gave my heart more dimension than Paula's tree.

I glued on many baubles or pearls after my initial placement and left the left side a bit lower so I could add the flower. I also had to bleach my flower because it was pink and I thought the white just worked better in this situation. I also added a bit of extra glitter and used a banner across the heart.

The pp was from Graphic 9 and is about two years old, again just using what worked with the colors I could create with my alcohol inks. And not being happy my brain wants to try making these pearls with some looking glass spray paint but I want to have more pink than purple so I ordered 2 new inks that I hope will give me what I am working towards so stay tuned for a second heart bauble project.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Joy To The World

My influence for this card was leftover material, the pp and card stock mostly. I liked the monochromatic tone of those two and wanted to use my NY die from MFTS so what better place than on this card. I also dug through and found some matte gold to diecut the cityscape from. Then all that was left to do was add on a sentiment. Pretty simple.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Are You Yeti

Well today I have a Christmas card and a trio of sympathy cards. Unfortunately there have been 3 more deaths in our extended family. Needless to say it has been a challenging year for us.

As you know sympathy cards aren't something I tend to have an extra one lying around, so I needed to create not one but three different cards. I suppose I could have done one card and replicated it, but I like to create a card I think fits the person receiving it.

But before I get to those cards I thought I would share my Christmas card, a cute Yeti from MFTS.

 I love the pink blue combo for Christmas so I went in that direction,

For the  3 sympathy cards I did one in a simple stamp, the other is stampscape type cards and the last is water color based. 

This is a stamp I completely forgot I had, it's a light image and I layered on different 
inks to come up with the final color. I always worry if you can tell what the image is but I realize its just a different type of image that has softer details.  

This stampscape type card is for a guy so I think this looks appropriate. 

 This last one I tried to keep the colors on the softer side, I still wanted it to feel somewhat on the sympathy side but also be a little different.

Monday, December 11, 2017

Believe in Magic

So I had this idea pop into my head and I am sure I am not the first person with this idea, but it led me to today's card.

I have seen the layered panel stamped cards, where the stamped image goes off the popped up panel on to the background, which I love. While I was making some ornaments with my grandkids using the Cameo double sided adhesive paper where I diecut snowflakes and glittered them, not original I know, but I loved the look and thought it would probably make a beautiful card using the popped up panel look but instead of a stamped image I would use the snowflake diecuts.

It took be a bit of time to diecut, glitter and place them on the panel. I laid the smaller panel on top of the other, laid the snowflake down then holding the edge of the part that laid on the background I pulled the top panel away. Then all I had to do was place the top panel on top, align a second snowflake on top of the other then adhere the snowflake down, and trim the excess. I do spray a bit of hairspray on my glittered snowflakes so the glitter doesn't shed heavily.

Then I fought with the sentiment, and the color but when I finally settled those two items the rest just came together.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Bring on the SNOW

Having my copics out and grabbing handfuls of stamps and dies I wanted to use for potential cards,  I found the stamped and diecut SNOW sentiment, I decided to mash it up with the cute little Yeti from MFTS. The Snow die and stamp set is from Papertrety Ink.

My selection of pp is on the limited side but I did find this circle paper that seemed to mimic the snow and I was going to try adding a snow bank under the Snow and Yeti but in my haste I forgot, but honestly I don't think it's needed.

I do love the grey and blue combo color on this card.